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साकुरा पहायला कोठे जायचय ?

मार्च 28, 2008

साकुरा इकडे जापान मध्ये चांगलाच फुलला आहे…बघायला जायचे आहे पण नेमके कुठे जायला हवे

अतुल कुमठेकर यांनी सुचवला आहे :

sakura ke liye Inokashira park chale kya? sat. ja sakate hai.. It is in Kichioiji..Gyotoku se thoda dur hai..Nakano se age..
Also I found in the net that in the night there is Sakura lightening near Imperial palace Tokyo after 10:00 pm. So while coming back we can have dinner at India Dhabha and which is near Tokyo st. and then we can go to view sakura at Imperial palace.
dou desu ka? minasan no goiken yoroshiku onegaiitashimasu।

शालिनी जोशी यांनी सुचवला आहे :

Location:Kamonyama Park
This park on a small hill gives you a very quiet atmosphere and
view of MM21 over Sakuragicho station.
There is a Japanese garden-like pond.
It is a good spot for a relaxing break.
One of the major cherry blossom-viewing spots.
Access :15 minutes walk from Sakuragicho station

Map attached

Tokyo will be surely overcrowded and so have selected this place।

There is an Indian restaurant where we can have our lunch if required
Ideal timing of our meeting should be 11a.m to 3p.m
Saturday is suppose to be a sunny weather।

आणी सुहास यांच्या मते सगले साकुरे पहायला हवेत …

तुम्हाला काय वाटतय

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